SportsTG – the story of the lost blue button

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Description of issue

When trying to register my daughter for her Junior Touch Football team I got to the bit about schools but it couldn't find her school and the advice it gives is not very helpfull. It says 'Can't find your school? Then select the blue button and continue on through the form'

The problem is that there is no blue button.

Also the school name field looks like you can just type it in as it looks no different to any other field but in fact you can't, it just doesn't accept any input.


Issues found:


  • Support Error Recovery
  • Provide Help


Ideally get the school lookup working properly but failing that, change the instructions by removing the bit about the blue button.

Instead, write something like 'Can't find your school? 'Continue here'. The 'Continue here' would be a button

Then at least allow people to type in their school name manually

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