Westpac open trading account

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Description of issue

When trying to open an online trading account with Westpac it says "Open in less than 10 mins"

After the 3rd attempt over 2 days i finally completed the registration only to discover you have to then print the forms then post them by snail mail!

Postage in Australia is usually slower than walking!

The other issue was that it failed to mention before proceeding to the application that you will need your tax file numbers and bank account details for all applicants.

Link: http://www.westpac.com.au

Issues found:


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Don't lie about how long the application process will take!

Tell the applicants what info they will need before proceeding.

If the applicant tries to access their online banking from another device in order to get those details without abandoning the form then tell them this isn't possible - instead of using an unrelated error message (incorrect postal address)

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